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Ars Temptation's philosophy

     Ars Temptation was founded with a belief in a conscious lifestyle not just limited to jewellery. Ars Temptation actively demonstrates upcycled beauty and intends to introduce new life accents reflecting its mission in utilizing recycled resources.

    When we think of jewellery, our mind unfailingly turns to precious materials such as gold, platinum, gemstones and diamonds. Nevertheless, since the times of ancient cultures jewellery has been among us in the form of decorative items worn for personal adornment, like necklaces, earrings, pendants, rings or bracelets. And those ornaments were not always made of precious materials but rather out of natural resources such as shells, bones and many kinds of stones. The humblest of materials were imbued with beauty and treated with reverence. Along the human’s history sparkling accessories have been highly appreciated due to its relation to abundance/luxuriance, to the point that if accessories were not made of such bright materials, they were not considered valuable. Nowadays a few jewellery designers are revisiting this mindset seeing the potential in materials with a value that goes well beyond carat-count and brightness. These jewellers are upgrading every day-use material to design and create beautiful and exceptional ornaments.

    Besides, today’s fashion industry is one of the top pollution contributors in our world. Ars Temptation is conscious that our nowadays lifestyle is menaced, hence our duty is to inverse this tendence to reduce our environmental impact. Ars Temptation believes in the circularity of goods, as we continuously re-view our local environment as a resource, selecting upcyclable materials from nature debris to home discarded materials. We select man-made remnants for intervention and transformation, reassessing the banal. Ars Temptation’s goal is upcycling with style by using discarded resources and repurposing them into objects new treasured pieces to reduce our environmental impact without ever sacrificing quality or design. Preserving nature is also knowing how to recycle and give objects a new story. Ars Temptation wants to combine creation, upcycling and fashion.

    Furthermore, today most fashion jewellery is mass-produced using the casting manufacturing process, which involves pouring a molten metal into a desired shaped mould and then allowed to solidify. This process allows illimitable identical pieces that lack the intricate detail of handcrafted pieces. In other words, the casting process sacrifices quality and uniqueness for quantity and economy.

    Ars Temptation believe with the quote of Eldridge Cleaver: “If you are not part of the solution, you must be part of the problem”. And we want to be part of the solution...!

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